This Cabinet Minister’s Lutyens bungalow keeps changing hands

New Delhi: Cabinet Minster Mahesh Sharma’s luck with Government housing has not been going his way since his first allotment after winning his first election from UP’s Gautam Budh Nagar in 2014.

Mahesh Sharma a doctor by profession was allotted the palatial 10 Rajaji Marg in Central Delhi, often referred to ‘Lutyen’s Delhi’. The previous occupant of 10 Rajaji Marg was Former President APJ Abdul Kalam.

Within a year of this allotment to Sharma, the movers were back at Rajaji Marg as Mahesh Sharma was asked to make way for current President Pranab Mukherjee who will live there upon expiration of his term as President. Mahesh Sharma’s new Lutyens bunglow was now 10 Akbar Road, right next to the BJP HQ.

However, just when things were looking up for the Cabinet Minister orders were issued to vacate the Akbar Road residence temporarily to make way for NDA’s Presidential candidate Ram Nath Kovind.

Mahesh Sharma, who is currently staying in his personal residence in Noida, may still get his 10 Akbar Road residence back if Ram Nath Kovind wins the Presidential elections, upon which Kovind enters a bigger residence.Rashtrapati Bhawan. (ANI)