Cab driver arrested in Hyderabad after harassing a women

App-based cabs may look like a relief many times since they are easy to book and are literally just a click away. However, there have been many cases when it turned out to be a disaster for women. The latest being the arrest of a cab driver in Hyderabad who is said to have written a passengers phone number on a toilet wall along with lewd messages.

A cab driver was arrested by SHE Team on Wednesday for writing a passenger’s mobile number in a public toilet with a filthy note following which she was receiving so many calls and messages.
In his confession, the driver said that he had a dispute over payment with the woman, after which he resorted to the offense.

Police said the woman had recently booked a cab for Rs 200, But since the driver instead of taking her through the regular route allegedly took her from the long route and because of this the fare was shown as Rs 800, which she refused to pay. But after a little quarrel with the driver, she paid 200 and left.

Now for taking a revenge on her, the driver wrote her mobile number on the wall of a public toilet. After facing the harassment, she approached the SHE Teams and narrated the incident following which the SHE team filed a complaint and nabbed the driver.