Buy right nursing clothes during breastfeeding phase

New Delhi: During the breastfeeding phase, it is best for a woman’s health to keep a check on the bra she wears. Go for one with a broader under-band and opt for cushioned shoulder straps that are not too stretchy, suggest experts.

Neha Kant, founder of Clovia, and Niraj Jawanjal, founder and Chief Ideator at India Intimate Fashion Week, have listed tips to make the life of a new mother easier:

* Most women ignore or don’t take seriously the fact that their entire body undergoes a massive change across various phases of their pregnancy and they have to choose inner wear that suits the new demands of their body. Right from clothing to your bras — everything needs enough breathing space. So, accept the change and change the old stock.

* 80 per cent of the breast weight is supported by the under-band. Choose a bra with a broad under-band.

* Buy a nursing bra which has stretchy fabric on the top of the cup. This will allow for movement in the breast which is required at this stage.

* Invest in a bra that has four to six hooks and eyes on the back band. This will allow you to tighten the back band post-birth as your rib cage contracts.

* Maternity bras and nursing bras tend to have similar design features. Realistically, you can buy nursing bras to wear as maternity bras during the final stages of pregnancy, and then use them as intended to nurse after the baby is born.

* For sound health and good hygiene, get at least two or three bras for yourself. Make sure to wash them after each use.

* Maternity bras with wide straps provide tremendous support to growing breasts. For added comfort, women can opt for cushioned shoulder straps that are not too stretchy.

* Invest in pregnancy panties that provide maximum softness, fitness and stretch, adapting to the changes that take place during this period in areas like tummy and buttocks.

* Buy a nightwear with zip closures to make feeding easy and also those made in super-soft fabrics for full comfort.

* We all need firm support when we are low. Simultaneously, a nourishing bra should offer perfect support to lactating mothers from the lowermost side even if the cup remains open.

* Say no to tight bras. Tight bras during your breast-feeding months lead to infections, tumours and would also restrict the flow of milk while feeding.

Tight bras also lead to uncomfortable situations to the nourishing mother and may cause breathing issues too. Let the bra offer you ease, comfort and support during these months.

* Pure cotton bras offer extremely breathable and comfortable feeling to the nourishing mother. Synthetic fabrics allow the growth of bacteria around the nipples and may cause infections as they restrict the flow of air.