How to buy a perfect swimsuit

New Delhi: Shopping for that one piece of perfect swimwear can be a tedious process.

It’s almost impossible to find a piece that fits you well, is comfortable, and makes you feel great at the same time.

So, Suman Chowdhury, the co-founder and COO at has pointed some tips to get the perfect one out.

Firstly, know the types of swimwear. Catering to different needs, swimwear is of different types and categories. You need to decide your style.

Secondly, choose appropriate colors. Choosing the right color for your swimwear is as important as choosing the right swimsuit type. Color helps you highlight your best body feature. To highlight a feature use bright colors or patterns. For those wanting to hide bulges, go for darker shades as they tend to make the body look much leaner and curvy.

Thirdly, select the right fabric. The fabric of your swimwear can either make you comfy and confident or awkward and uncomfortable. Check the fabric type for comfort before buying one. Be aware if you are allergic or not to a certain kind of fabric.

Fourthly, select a swimsuit according to its primary use. Do not pick up a swimsuit just because it looks fancy. It is pointless to buy a string bikini if you plan on surfing. It will loosen off in a minute embarrassing you to no end. So buy one which fits your needs and use.

Fifthly don’t necessarily go for pre-made sets. Go beyond the obvious and see if you can mix and match as per your own requirements and needs. Fashion and trends are good to have as long as they make you feel comfortable.

Finally, remember the second season of ‘Sex and the City,’ when Samantha flicked the Card Membership just to cool down by the pool?

Well, so beg, borrow steal, but enjoy and put a big smile on your face as you swim, surf, and hang out with friends at that dazzling pool party. (ANI)