Butt facials: Getting ‘cheeky’ the Hollywood way

Washington: Move over vajacial, the latest facial-for-your-nether-regions trend is here.

The celebrities are walking another mile to have the perfect ‘red-carpet’ look. Skin treatments including butt facial, neck lift, human stem cell serum are the new way to go.

Vance Soto, the owner of Ole Henriksen Face and Body Spa in West Hollywood, said that the demand for facial-style treatments on the butt was increasing.
Soto told News Corp Australia, “It’s really for anyone (18 and over) that wants their backside to be swimsuit ready,” reported News.com.au.

The 50-minute treatment called ‘Get Cheeky’ – costs $US160 (10,928 INR) at the famous Ole Henriksen spa in Los Angeles.

The treatment involves “cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, hydration” on the cheeks, along with a “rub ‘n buff body polish” and microdermibration, and is aimed at those who want to show off their assets.

A ‘red-carpet’ facial worth $US600 (40,980 INR) is the most expensive treatment at Ole Henriksen Spa that is done days before the award shows.

“Celebrities pre-red carpet have the same concerns many of us do before an event or night out,” Soto said.