Businessman kills wife with dumbbell, throws pet Labrador off terrace

Bengaluru: A devastated Bengaluru man hacked his wife to death along with killing their pet dog and later committed suicide by jumping off from the apartment.

The incident occurred on Tuesday where a businessman Atul Upadhyay, who used to run a travel agency NockNock Analytics in Ulsoor allegedly killed his ailing wife Mamata Upadhyay suffering from advanced stage cancer by hitting her hard with a dumbbell on the head.

He then threw their pet Labrador dog from the terrace and also jumped off from the building.

The couple had no children and used to live on the fourth floor of Annex Sycon Polaris Apartment in the upscale Sadashiva Nagar.

Atul’s nephew (brother’s son) Rishabh used to stay with couple to keep them company.

A suicide note recovered from the crime scene stated that couple did not want to suffer from any depression, hence they took this extreme step.
“Cancer is a dangerous disease. This is better than cancer. This is not selfishness”, read the note.

“We’ve no clue why Atul took the extreme step, besides coming across an envelope that has noted, mostly about cancer,” S Girish, DCP (central), said.

“The boy told us his uncle and aunt were talking to each other in the hall when he left for college around 9 am,” police officer said.