Businessman kidnapped, forced to sign property papers in jail

LUCKNOW: A real estate dealer named Mohit Jaiswal, alleged that he was kidnapped by the supporters of former Samajwadi Party lawmaker Atiq Ahmed and taken to a jail in Deoria located in eastern Uttar Pradesh.

He told the police that, on December 26 he was kidnapped from outside his home in Lucknow, driven in his own SUV to the Deoria jail, taken inside the jail complex and made to meet Atiq Ahmed.

Mr Jaiswal in the First Information Report alleges that he was assaulted by Mr Ahmed, his son and his supporters and forced to sign papers to hand over his property worth Rs. 40 crore before he was let off.

According to Mr Jaiswl, all these incidents took place inside the jail complex and in full knowledge of the prison staff.

The Deoria jail administration has admitted that a person by the name of Mohit Jaiswal did meet with Atiq Ahmed inside the jail at around 11 am on December 26, but claims that the jail staff had no idea that he was kidnapped or under any kind of coercion.

The Deoria jailer DK Pandey stated that “All that I have to say is that Mohit Jaiswal had come to meet Atiq Ahmed on December 26. The meeting took place as per the jail rules. I have no information on whether he was kidnapped and forced to come here or assaulted. He didn’t tell anyone about it while leaving.”

Amit Kishore, the Deoria District Magistrate said that “The police searched all the barracks. It seems that the CCTV recording has been tampered with some parts of the footage are missing.”

From murder to kidnapping and extortion, Mr Ahmed is named in over 70 cases. He was shifted from the Allahabad jail to Deoria last year. The UP has asked the top prison officer of Deoria jail to submit a report by today to identify those responsible for this incident.