Bushra Bibi talks about Imran Khan’s simplicity, reveals many surprising facts

Islamabad: Bushra Bibi, first lady of Pakistan revealed many surprising facts about Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Mr. Imran Khan.

Highlighting the simplicity, she said that Imran Khan neither gives importance to stylish dresses nor prefers lavish food.

Justifying her claim, she narrated an incident wherein Mr. Khan went for abroad tour with a set of 5 suits.

Dismissing the rumours that she did not allow Imran Khan’s pet dog in her house, she said that the dog is with her and it accompanies her wherever she goes.

Further talking about Pakistan’s PM, Ms. Bibi claimed that Mr. Khan will never indulge in corruption as he has a lot of wealth. He is not a politician rather a leader, Ms. Bibi claimed.

Continuing her interview, she stressed the importance of reciting “Darood”.