Watch: Burqa clad thief Omprakash caught stealing on CCTV, arrested in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: A man robbed his owner by wearing Burqa in a bid to hide his identity. The act of Omprakash can defame Muslim women. Seeing the CCTV footage initially the owner thought its a Muslim woman but thanks to the City police who nabbed the actual man ‘Omprakash Anurag’ committed the crime.

According to reports, the incident took place on April 26, in which the accused Omprakash Anurag entered the house of his employer ‘Srikanth’ wearing burqa. Srikanth runs a business of supplying gift articles to corporate offices.

As part of the plan, the accused initially stole the key of the main door lock of the complainants house and remained absent from duty since April 7 under one or the other pretext to execute his plan, the DCP said.

“As the accused knew that the entire apartment (where his employer resides) was under CCTV surveillance, he planned to conceal his identity during the crime. So he purchased a burqa, hand gloves and scarf. On April 26, he went to the apartment and committed the theft,” Reddy said.

He also carried chilly powder along with him to sprinkle if anyone tried to catch hold of him and escape easily if he is caught.

“However, the entire movement–his entry and exit–from the apartment was captured in CCTV cameras. The accused limps while walking due to the presence of steel rod in his right leg and the limp proved a vital evidence to zero in on him,” said police.

“The case was detected within 48 hours of the crime and the accused was nabbed yesterday. Police recovered all the stolen gold ornaments and Rs 18,000 in cash from him,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central Zone) V B Kamalasan Reddy said.