Burkina Faso terror attack: Death toll rises to 29

Ouagadougou : The death toll in the al-Qaeda terror attack on a top hotel in Burkina Faso rose to 29, while 56 others were wounded in the attack that loudly announced the end to a long, mostly peaceful stretch in Burkina Faso.

According to Daily star, the dead included six Canadians, two French and two Swiss nationals as well as an American.

A fire had raged in the main entrance of Ouagadougou’s four-star Splendid hotel and screams could be heard from inside as Burkinabe forces prepared an assault to rescue hostages still trapped five hours after the assault began.

Around 10 vehicles were on fire in the streets near the hotel in Ouagadougou, not far from the city’s international airport.

Several attacks have taken place in Burkina Faso in recent months, but no such assaults have yet hit the capital. (ANI)