Burger King’s Halloween Whopper’ turns your poop green

London: Burger King’s new black ‘Halloween Whopper’ burger will turn your poop ‘green.’

People who dined at the fast food joint and ate the ‘black bun’ Halloween Whopper have claimed that the burger has turned their poop green.

Many diners took to twitter to share their experience of the limited edition ‘Halloween Whopper’ and one also posted photographic evidence.

One diner wrote, “Yesterday I ate a Halloween Whopper and now the colour of my poop is blue green. Where my brown poo?”

Another said “#HalloweenWhopper #GreenPoop is a real thing. Don’t get too scared after eating it like I did.”

Earlier, Burger King launched the’ Halloween Whopper’ sandwich, which featured ‘black buns’ baked in A1 steak sauce.

The special edition burger had a beef patty, melted American cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, pickles and onions. (ANI)