Bull climbed water tank, took 8 hrs to bring down

Rajasthan: In a bizarre incident, a bull climbed all the way up a water tank and nobody knows how it managed to do that. The bull kept people and officials on toes for eight hours, after it went up the 60-foot high water tank and was in no mood to come down.

Residents called the officials of municipal corporation, who tried all their rescue tricks. But the adamant bull did not come down. The incident became an amusement for the residents of Ratangarh in Nawalgarh Taluk of Churu district in Rajasthan, when they sighted the bull atop a water tank at 2:30 pm on Monday.

Around 9 pm, after all efforts failed, a veterinary doctor was called and sent atop with the help of a crane. He administered an anaesthesia to the bull after which it was brought down.

According to an official at the State Disaster Response Force, “A wire was tied with the tank and stretched to the ground. Safety belts were tied around the bull’s body. Finally when anaesthesia started working, the rope was pulled down which brought the dizzy bull down.”