Bulk garbage generators must install compost machines: GHMC

As per the Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016 and protocol for Star Rating of Garbage free cities, all the bulk garbage generators in commercial category like hotels, restaurants, function halls, IT companies, food courts, malls, institutions and so on producing an average of 50 kg waste per day have to install composting machines on their premises to process the wet waste.

Accordingly, the GHMC has recognized, served notices and issued paper notifications for all bulk garbage generators to install on-site compost machines on their premises and the GHMC has set August 15 as dead line for all the BGGs to install them. For the convenience and ready reference, GHMC has published the list of all the empanelled agencies, suppliers and distributors which deals with sale of all kinds of compost machines, in the GHMC website (Under Announcements). In case any BGG fails to implement the same within specified period of time, GHMC will enforce and take action against them. The compost produced can be utilized for gardening purposes on the premises of BGGs or given to nurseries. (NSS)