Bulandshahr cop’s murder: Family alleges conspiracy, points finger at state police

Etah: Saroj Singh Chauhan, sister of the deceased cop Subodh Kumar Singh who was shot dead by a mob in Bulandshahr on Monday, alleged conspiracy in her brother’s murder casting aspersions at the Uttar Pradesh police department.

Speaking to ANI from her ancestral village, Chauhan said: “My brother has been killed because he was investigating the Akhlaq murder case. This is a conspiracy. Why was my brother alone in his vehicle? Police are complacent in its role in the incident.”

In a blistering attack at Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, she demanded her brother to be declared a martyr with immediate effect since he died in the line of duty. She said, “What is this ‘gai-gai’ (cow protection) our Chief Minister keeps uttering all the time? Why doesn’t he come on the ground and serve the cause of cow protection? It is my brother who has been killed. My brother should be declared a martyr and a memorial must be made in his memory. What good is the 50,000 or 50 lakh rupees for us, we will return it back? We want a martyr memorial in our village. I need nothing except honour for my brother.”

Chauhan also mentioned that the deceased cop’s father was also policeman who too had died in a similar incident when he was shot dead. “Today, I have lost my brother because of a cow!” she said.

Ram Avtar Singh, uncle of the deceased said, “My nephew’s murder is part of a conspiracy. He was part of the Akhlaq investigation. We demand from the Chief Minister that his children should be given government jobs and wife must receive a lifetime pension.”

In Bulandshahr, meanwhile, Additional Director General (ADG) Intelligence SP Shirodkar visited the area where violence took place yesterday. After the visit, he said, “I have visited the village and the site of the incident. We will submit a report tomorrow evening.”

Station House Officer (SHO) Subodh Kumar Singh and a local youth were killed in Bulandshahr yesterday when a mob went on a rampage over allegations of illegal cow slaughter. Singh was also the Investigating Officer (IO) in the
Mohammed Akhlaq lynching case in 2015 in Dadri which hit headlines. Akhlaq was lynched by an angry mob on suspected slaughtering of cow and consuming its meat.