Bulandshahr: Chilling details come to fore about inspector’s brutal killing

Bulandshahr: Chilling details come to fore following the arrest of the main accused, Prashant Natt, a man who allegedly shot inspector Subodh Kumar Singh with his own service revolver during protests in Uttar Pradesh’s Buandshahr on December 03.

Three weeks after inspector Singh and another youth identified as Sumit were killed after violence occurred over the finding of cow carcasses in Chingrawath village, the state police on Thursday have nabbed the Delhi-based cabbie Natt.

According to a report published in NDTV, while admitting his crime to the SIT, Nath disclosed that a mob of around 400 people first hit officer Singh with a rock when he and his team had gone to a village to pacify them.

Bajrang Dal activist Yogesh Raj – who is still on the run – as the prime suspect in Singh’s murder and another man called Kalua had instigated the mob. Even after getting badly injured, the SHO continued to placate the agitating mob when Kalua reportedly attacked him with an axe and the cop’s finger was chopped off giving him several wounds and then he was struck in the head.

The officer with an injured head ran for his life urging the rampage mob to calm down who were still pelting stones at him but the protesters didn’t stopped.

“As the mob did not listen to his pleas, inspector Singh fired from his service revolver to disperse the protesters and save his life. But the bullet fired by inspector Singh hit a protester Sumit and it enraged the mob further,” quoted the SSP as saying to The Indian Express.

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Natt along with other five men caught hold of him and dragged him to the fields. It was Nath who allegedly pulled the trigger at inspector Singh.

And the cruelty didn’t stop there.

As his fellow colleagues making attempts to rescue him, the rampaging mob reappear and kept hitting him with sticks and stones. The fellow officer managed to rescued and rushed him to a nearby hospital where he was declared dead upon arrival.

The post-mortem revealed that Subodh had six marks of injuries inflicted by stones, several fractures in his hand and legs and also a bullet was stuck inside his skull.

Sources said Natt was not named in the FIR registered after the incident. Atul Kumar Srivastava, superintendent of police, Bulandhshahr said, “He has accepted during interrogation that he was the one who fired at Subodh Kumar. Further investigation is “underway”.

Why Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh ?

Because Inspector Singh is an officer having secular bent of mind wanting peaces among all communities.

Incidentally, Singh was also the Investigating Officer (IO) in the Mohammed Akhlaq lynching case from Sept 28, 2015 till Nov 9, 2015 in Dadri which hit headlines. Akhlaq was lynched by an angry mob on suspected slaughtering of cow and consuming its meat.

Abhishek Kumar Singh, a son of Inspector Singh, soon after his father’s death said: “My father wanted me to be a good citizen who doesn’t incite violence in society in the name of religion. Today my father lost his life in this Hindu-Muslim dispute, tomorrow whose father will lose his life?,” according to media reports.

Saroj Singh Chauhan, sister of the deceased cop alleged conspiracy in her brother’s murder. “My brother has been killed because he was investigating the Akhlaq murder case,” Chauhan said while speaking to ANI from her ancestral village. “My brother should be declared a martyr and a memorial must be made in his memory. What good is the 50,000 or 50 lakh rupees for us, we will return it back? We want a martyr memorial in our village. I need nothing except honour for my brother,” Chauhan said.

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