BSNL finalising partnership with Informark Korea for Wimax Mifi hotspots, launch in Kerala

New Delhi [India]: Infomark Korea, a company with a global reputation for manufacturing 3G/4G mobile communication devices as well as wearable products is finalising a partnership with BSNL for production of WiMax mobile routers in the Kerala telecom circle.

Infomark and BSNL have jointly agreed that the former will provide a cutting-edge technology product named “Compact Egg” in India.

Its compact WiMax hotspots in cooperation with Clearwire in the US have sold more than a million units in the market. The routers won the Good Design Award 2012 in Japan, and are the lightest, weighing only 59 grams, and the most compact routers available in the world.

Mr. Hyuk Choi, CEO of Infomark Korea, said “That with plenty of experience in providing WiMax hotspots to several countries in the global market, Infomark is committed to supporting BSNL to provide all potential subscribers with highly advanced and value added products. We hope all customers of BSNL really enjoy using this compact and stylish designed WiMax/WiFi mobile hotspots, which enable multi devices to be connected to Internet concurrently wherever WiMax Networks are available with BSNL.”

BSNL plans to expand its business partnership with Infomark Korea using their most advanced and high quality products such as LTE mobile routers and Kids phone which hit the market in Korea.

Infomark is specializing in developing and providing not only wireless telecommunication products but also wearable device called “Kids phone”

As Infomark has been providing LTE mobile routers and kids phones to major service providers in Korea Infomark is keen to partner with BSNL in introducing and commercializing these brand new items to India, subsequent to “Compact egg” Wimax hotspots.

Guru Nair, the country representative in India for Infomark products, said the aim is to fulfill the Prime Minister’s vision of Digital India programme.

In a statement, BSNL said, “As we have commenced to partner with Infomark for providing our valued customers with highly advanced and innovative products, we hope we can get tied up to successfully develop new market using this brand new Wimax hotspots and smart watches for kids and womens and create a big success together in India accordingly.” (ANI)