Brutal assault on Muslim family, goons attack with ‘Iron rods, sticks, stones’, 8 battling for life

Udaipurwati: Mob violence, muscle power over minority Muslim community is increasing even in this Congress-ruled state Rajasthan where a Muslim family was not only thrashed but women of this family were molested too.

In this shameful incident, Mohammed Yasin and his family members were brutally thrashed with iron rods, sticks, repeatedly until the family members dropped unconscious to this brutal assault that continued for half an hour were the members were also subjected to stone pelting over disagreement over new construction, Patrika reports.

The frenzied mob attacked Mohammed Yasin who runs a small Fenci general store in the region after he had objected to the construction of a new building in place of an old mansion near his shop.

In all 11 people were injured in this bloody assault with 8 members belonging to Yasin’s family suffered severe head injuries, broken hands and feet.

All the injured unconscious victims are identified as Haji Mohammad Yasin and his son Mohammad Razzaq, Mohammed Nisar, Mohammad Aslam, Mohammad Yusuf, Mohammad Asif, daughter Sher Bano and Sharif Bano were immediately rushed to SK hospital in the region.

According to reports, things turned ugly when Yasin’s daughter was molested when she had come to open Sherbano shop in the morning.

The victim’s family has accused the police of remaining silent and delaying action against the assaulters.

Injured victim Yasin has stated he was threatened to evacuate the shop following which he filed a case against the accused in court.

Though the court banned the accused’s entry in the region, the mob marched in the region with rods and thrashed the family while the Police remained silent.