Brussels attack survivor now messenger of non-violence

Mumbai: Nidhi Chaphekar, who was severely injured in Brussels airport blasts in 2016, has now become a part of a mission which organises seminars on various ways to tackle violence worldwide.

Chaphekar, an Indian flight attendant, suffered burn injuries and broke her foot in the bombing that claimed lives of 31 people and injured 270. She is keen to resume her passion for flying.

Sharing her ordeal with ANI, she said that mediation and spiritual speaking at various places helped her to overcome the fear she was going through after the attack.

The flight attendant, who had to undergo multiple surgeries after the attack, is now waiting for medical clearances to resume her work.

“It was quite tough for me earlier, every time I had to boost my energy level to deal with others. The entire time I had to gather energy to get rid of my fear. I started practising meditation, which helped me a lot to recover,” she said.

Narrating her life after the terror attack, Chaphekar said that her family supported her a lot and let her follow her heart, which was a major source of motivation for her.

During her healing phase, she also delivered speeches on various seminars across the world on non-violence. She has also written a book on her experience which is due for publication shortly.

She is now a worldwide face of terror attack survivors and has been appreciated and acknowledged by several people in Belgium, US and parts of the world. She proudly tells that she has been invited by Miami mayor and Los Angeles Police for seminars on non-violence. She is going to Brussels this weekend and will try to convince officials there to allow her for a non-violence conference in near future.