Do you brush your teeth for long? Avoid

New delhi: The mouth is the mirror of the body and thus it becomes mandatory to take care of our teeth always. Not spending too much time brushing your teeth and avoiding carbonated drinks can work wonders in winters, says an expert.

Sagrika Shukla, a visiting consultant at Clove Dental, says that teeth need extra care in winters just like the rest of the body and shares tips to take care of your teeth.

* Brushing teeth is brilliant but not for too long. ADA (American Dental Association) recommends brushing for not more than two-three minutes. Over brushing teeth can cause sensitivity.

* Yes, we all are a little hungrier in winters, but say yes to hot beverages rather than acidic carbonated drinks which tend to erode the teeth and lead to sensitivity.

* If you’ve been sipping on cider or opting for spicy treats during the holidays, canker sores can actually set in and ruin your fun. If you’re already suffering, try swishing your mouth with warm salt water as it helps clean the sores and faster healing. Alcohol free sore mouth rinses will also help relieve the pain in such a situation

* In winters one more thing to take care of is to cut down on the sugar intake as this along with decreased water intake in the season increases chances of cavities.