Broken pipeline, flooded lift expose poor maintenance at Hajj House

Hyderabad: Visitors faced severe hardship on the second day as well, thanks to the poor maintenance and negligence at Hajj House Nampally. As the water pipeline of the building ruptured, the water not only entered into the lift but caused short circuit resulting in power disruption. Though the incident occurred on Tuesday evening but the power supply couldn’t be restored in many parts of the building on Wednesday too. Both the lifts were not functioning as they were flooded with water. Despite clearance of water through motor pump lifts could not be operated.

It is believed that the private company which has been assigned to oversee maintenance of the building does not inspect the facilities often, as a result such incidents are occurring on frequent basis.

Waqf Board officials who take of the affairs are also unable to say anything in this regard. Elderly visitors and students have to climb stairs to reach offices located on 6th floor as the lift is not working.

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