Brits more loyal to their hairdressers than their partners

London [UK]: Brits show the most loyalty to their hairdressers, a recent report has found.

According to insurance provider Direct Line for Business data, across the UK, 69percent of adults are in a relationship with someone, while 74 percent are committed to a hairdresser, the Telegraph reported.

The data reveals that older Britons are more likely to be faithful to their hairdresser, as 57 percent of over 55s visit the same stylist, compared with 46 percent of 18 to 34-year-olds.

The most loyal region is the north east, where nearly two thirds of people say they always go to the same hair professional, while less than half of people in the south west are loyal to one hairdresser, with most preferring to shop around.

Those who visit salons have on average eight trims per year, the data found, with Londoners getting trims most frequently – around 13 times per year.

Jane Guaschi, business manager at Direct Line for Business, said: “This research shows that our loyalty extends to who we choose to do our hair, as so many of us have been with the same hairdresser for years,” adding, “As with any business, professionalism and expertise among hair professionals translate into customer retention and long-term success.”

Among the 26 percent of Brits who say they do not visit the same hairdresser regularly, over a third claimed to cut their own hair while others trust the task to partners or family members. (ANI)