British surrogate mother ‘retires’ after 10 children

Britain’s most prolific surrogate mother who gave birth to 10 children has announced her retirement from the baby business.

Jill Hawkins, 47, insists premature twins Jacob and William will be the last children she carries over her 20-year “career”, Daily Mail reported.

Her decision has been prompted by the serious complications she suffered during her pregnancy. The twins were delivered via an emergency Caesarean eight weeks early.

Jacob and William, are now in incubators in intensive care.

Friday night Hawkins, who is single, said she is ending her career as a surrogate mother.

When she had her first baby for a couple, she lied to her bosses about the pregnancy.

She invented a boyfriend and then claimed the baby had died, causing her colleagues to send her sympathy cards.

She insists being a surrogate mother is fulfilling and urges other women to consider it, according to the Mail.