British PM: Queen to approve Brexit bill ‘in days’

London: Queen Elizabeth II will approve the government’s Brexit bill “in days”, British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Tuesday.

May confirmed that she expected royal assent to be granted “in the coming days” to the bill granting her the power to begin negotiations with the European Union, reported the Independent.

She promised to come to the Commons before the end of March to inform MPs she had formally triggered Article 50.

“This will be defining moment for our whole country as we begin to forge a new relationship with Europe and a new role for ourselves in the world,” May said.

“We will be a strong, self-governing, global Britain with control once again over our borders and our laws.”

May also warned the Scottish National Party (SNP) that it was “not a moment to play politics or create uncertainty” after Nicola Sturgeon launched plans for a fresh referendum on Scottish independence before Britain leaves the EU.

The Scottish First Minister’s “bombshell” announcement overshadowed the House of Lords vote which finally cleared the way for the Prime Minister to start the formal Brexit process.

The Prime Minister added: “It is a moment to bring our country together, to honour the will of the British people and to shape for them a better, brighter future and a better Britain.”