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British leader will pay Indian origins to leave UK

British leader will pay Indian origins to leave UK

A leadership candidate for the UK’s anti-immigrant far-right party has come up with a radical plan to cut “unnecessary population” in the UK by “incentivising” some migrants, including from India, to return to the country of their origin.

John Rees-Evans, a candidate to lead the UK Independence Party, made a specific reference to Indians and Tanzanians in relation to a so-called “fast track export-import scheme” of offering up to £9,000 to certain Commonwealth migrants to leave the UK. “It’s not going to be draconian. It’s not going to be fascist. I’m not interested in using eugenics or any evil things like that, and yet I would be pushing for negative net migration towards one million a year,” he is heard saying in a speech filmed during a meeting earlier this month and first published by the Daily Mirror.

He suggested the UK government’s foreign aid budget be cut from more than £13 billion a year to £1 billion, with £12.3 billion then spent on incentivising British citizens with dual citizenship to leave the country, citing British Indians and Tanzanians, whom he said could set up their own businesses.

Curiously, while he referred to Indians as an example of migrants who can be offered such an option, India does not offer dual nationality to its citizens.