British high commissioner for India eats Dosa, the right way!

Another foreigner bows down to the great Indian food palette and how! The British High Commissioner to India, Alex Ellis, discovered eating south India’s coveted dish during his stay in Karnataka, that too the right way!

It all started when he posted a picture of himself devouring on Mysuru Masala Dosa but, by using a fork and a knife.

As the small video delighted the desi people with his efforts of trying Indian cuisine and using Hindi and Kannada words in his tweets. It was then they informed him that the best way to enjoy Indian food was by using hands.

He posted a poll on Twitter where he asked people’s opinion to vote on how he should enjoy his morning breakfast, whether with hands or cutlery, to which majority voted for the prior.

After the poll, he went for the delicacy again. And the result was ecstatically posted on twitter again, “92% of Twitter is correct! It tastes better with the hand.”

Desi netizens are glad he took the suggestion of the public and decided to eat with his hands. Others came up with other suggestions as well for the British diplomat such as donning ethnic Indian clothes and different varieties of food.