British Govt` s latest £300m pledge, a big boost in cancer fight

London: The British Government has taken a big step towards getting cancer services into peak condition.

The government plans to invest another 300 million pounds in finding tumours earlier as they want patients to help reverse the embarrassingly low survival rates for cancers here compared to other European countries, the Daily Express reported.

Plans to improve cancer care in England include a target that 95 percent of people should be given a diagnosis or the all-clear within 28 days of being referred by a GP, by 2020 and implementing it will cost 300million pounds a year until then.

The proposals have been drafted in response to a recent report by the Independent Cancer Task Force led by Harpal Kumar, chief executive of Cancer Research UK, which criticised areas of cancer treatment provided by the NHS.

Kumar welcomed Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s planned announcement, saying that he is absolutely delighted and pleasantly surprised that the decision has been made.

He added that they compare badly with other European countries for cancer survival rates and this move will help close the gaps.