British Airways slashes the size of hand luggage

Sunday, 2 August, London: The UK’s flag carrier British Airways has reduced the size of the hand luggage, for economy class travellers, by nearly half from August 18 after claiming that big passenger bags were causing regular flight delays.

The maximum size of main carry-on bags will remain unchanged, but smaller second bags such as handbags will be capped at 40x30x15cm instead of the current 45x36x20cm, the airline said in a statement.

The airline, which allows each person to have two bags in the cabin, is almost halving the size of the “personal” bag from August 18, it said.

Currently, passengers can board flights carrying one bag of up to 56x45x25cm, weighing up to 23kg, plus another bag up to 45x36x20cm.

Economy and premium economy travellers will be affected by the change, although those in first class will be exempt, it added.

BA insists that the new restrictions are still generous and is intended to speed up boarding. Since the new limit on the personal bag will mean it can be stowed under the seat, cabin crew will not waste time rearranging over-head lockers before take-off, the airline said.