Brit IS militants captured in Syria: report

London: Two British Islamic States (IS) militants have reportedly been captured by the US-backed Kurdish fighters in Syria.

The two men, Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh, formed part of a group of four fighters nicknamed “the Beatles” due to their British accents and are allegedly responsible for murdering approximately two dozen hostages in Syria.

The US officials told the New York Times that Kotey and Elsheikh were captured in January by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces.

It said the men were identified by fingerprints and other biometric means.

The group’s leader, Mohammed Emwazi, nicknamed Jihadi John, was killed in a 2015 airstrike. He appeared in a string of propaganda videos and was filmed beheading British and American hostages.

The fourth member, Davis, was convicted of being a member of a terrorist organisation and jailed for seven-and-a-half years at a court in Silivri, Turkey, in May 2017.

The state department say Kotey was also responsible for recruiting several British nationals to fight for IS.

Furthermore, the US Government believes that the group beheaded more than 27 hostages and used torture methods such as water boarding and electrocution. (ANI)