Bringing ordinance on Babri Masjid issue would be like murder of democracy: intellectuals

Lucknow: The Dharam Sabha called by VHP on Sunday on Babri Masjid issue was nothing but a drama. It was a vain attempt to cover up the failures of the BJP government and to incite religious sentiments. However, the residents of Uttar Pradesh made it futile by not showing interest. They showed the saffron outfits besides the ruling party that any attempt to involve them in the war of communalism will prove futile. These views were expressed by former acting chief minister Ammar Rizvi and community leaders and intellectuals.

According to Inquilab Ammar Rizvi said that the statements given in Ayodhya during Dharam Sabha were contempt of court. Supreme Court should take note of it. The government can never bring an ordinance on Babri Masjid issue, it will be the murder of democracy he said.

Former resident editor of Times of India Atul Chandra also held BJP and RSS responsible for the chaos to cover up the failures of Modi government.

Ex-Vice Chancellor Urdu Arabic Persian University Anees Ansari linked the Dharam Sabha with 2019 elections. And said that the less than expected gathering proved that now people will not fall prey to their political gimmicks.

Rashtriya Ulama Council chief Maulana Amir Rashadi also condemned and described the Dharam Sabha a drama.