Brides refused to marry ‘Dark Complexioned’ grooms

Agra: Two brides in Agra allegedly walked out of their marriage disappointed by the grooms dark-skinned.

The incident took place in Sikrara village of Fatehabad block, where the two girls both minors, refused to marry grooms who were not only dark-complexioned but were also years older than them.

Aged 14 and 16 years, the sisters claimed that initially they were shown pictures of fairer men for marriage but on the wedding night they saw dark-complexioned grooms.

Minutes before the ‘jaimal’ the brides upon seeing the grooms left the wedding venue and threatened to call the police when a village council was called to convince the brides to change their decision but they were reluctant to change their decision.

The grooms were reportedly 25 and 30 years old.

“Their mother chose the grooms on the recommendation of a baba,” Vinay Prakash, station officer of Fatehabad, told the Times of India.

TOI said the girls had the firm support of their maternal grandparents and grooms have returned to their homes in Aligarh district.