Brides get dreamy wedding look this season

New Delhi: Being a bride is a task in itself, thinking about future and all the big changes that will be coming along with the ‘saath pheras’ are sufficient to give a girl grey hair. But, it’s not the ‘saath pheras’ that create a fuss, especially, for the bride; it’s her wedding day attire and makeup that’s the hub of all problems.

Brides often get confused with their big day attire and due to lack of knowledge, they end up wearing something that is very heavy and chunky looking.

In the time, where buying a simple dress empties pockets, one needs to be careful about her wedding dress as she should not end up buying something that could not be worn again.

Giving a solution to what to buy as a ‘shadi ka joda,’ designer Laksh Mehra told ANI during Wedding Asia that a girl should opt for something delicate and light-weighted. Be it Zardozi embroidery, thread work or mirror work, a girl should choose something that isn’t over the top and makes her look like the star of the day.

Choosing the right colour palette for the dresses is also a difficult task, Laksh further said that the colours, which are trending this wedding season, are deep dark blues, nudes and gold, wine, hot pink and traditional reds.

When asked that girls don’t prefer to choose beige and nude colours for their wedding dresses because they fear that it might look dull, designer Ajeesh Obroi said that if a girl chooses the right dress with jewellery that compliments it, even these colours can give her a dreamy look.

More than a symbol of love, wedding bands are considered a style statement. Jewellery designer Tanu Softa said the kind of wedding rings that are trending this season are simple bands topped with a big fancy stone.

And for jewellery, she suggests that a bride should opt for layers instead of going with one heavy peace. She further said that head gears are taking a twist these days as one can choose from different style of matha patis and ear cuffs to give a modern touch to their traditional dress.

Claiming that brides should go for natural looking makeup on their weddings, make-up artist Satara Singh said that usually girls put on a lot of makeup that makes them look so different. Instead of doing this, they should focus on highlighting one feature of their face.

She added that if a girl is highlights her eyes with heavy makeup, then she should go for nude lips and if she wishes her lips to do all the talking than she should tone down her sparkling eyes.

Classy and elegant does not go out of fashion, so, if you are going to be the bride this season, choose something that is light to carry and is eye-catching. (ANI)