Bride calls off her wedding at the last minute, invites homeless to dinner

Carmel: A bride who called off her wedding at the last minute kept the bookings for the reception and invited homeless for dinner.

According to the report published in Independent, 25-year-old Sarah Cummings, a resident of Indiana called off her $30,000 wedding which she was planning for the past two years and turned it into a dinner party for homeless.

It may be mentioned that she was saving and working overtime for her wedding.

Ms. Cummings who does not want to disclose the reason for calling off her wedding said that she called everyone and apologized for her decision.

As she had already booked a reception party at the Ritz Charles Hotel, she decided to give a dinner party to the homeless. She called local homeless shelters. She also arranged transportation for them to attend the party.

Commenting on this, her ex-fiance said that it was the right decision, Independent reports.