Brexit: May holds ‘constructive’ talks with Corbyn

London [UK]: British Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday engaged in “constructive” talks with Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn in an attempt to end the Brexit deadlock. The leaders are looking forward to further discussions in the coming days.

CNN quoted a Labour Party spokesperson as saying, “We have had constructive exploratory discussions about how to break the Brexit deadlock.”

“We have agreed a programme of work between our teams to explore the scope for agreement,” the spokesperson added.

Meanwhile, Corbyn hinted that the Prime Minister intends to table the Brexit deal once again in the Parliament for a vote next week.

Addressing the media after his meeting with May, Corbyn said: “If it goes beyond the 22nd of May then clearly it does involve European elections, which the government absolutely does not want to be involved in. They made that very, very clear … and that is why she is very keen to get a vote through the House next week.”

Corbyn further indicated towards the possibility of a referendum on the Brexit deal.
“It was raised by me at the beginning of the meeting. I said, ‘Look, it is the policy of our party that we would want to pursue to option of a public vote to prevent crashing out or prevent leaving on a bad deal’,” Corbyn said.

“There was no agreement reached on that, we just put it there as one of the issues that the Labour Party conference voted on last year,” he added.

No resolution seems to be in sight for the UK as the British Parliament had earlier rejected a “no-deal Brexit” scenario.

The EU, on the other hand, has reiterated on multiple occasions that the previously negotiated Withdrawal Agreement, which has now been rejected thrice, is the best that can be put on offer.