Brexit Bill becomes law, allowing UK to exit EU

London: The EU Withdrawal Bill, which is also known as the Brexit Bill, on Tuesday became law after Queen Elizabeth II gave her approval.

“I have to notify the House in accordance with the Royal Assent Act 1967 that her Majesty has signified her royal assent to the following acts. European Union Withdrawal Act 2018,” Sputnik International quoted Commons Speaker John Bercow as telling lawmakers, during a session of the house.

The UK PM Theresa May called the moment “historic.” She has also called passing of the Bill by the House of Lords “a crucial step in delivering a smooth and orderly Brexit – the Brexit people voted for.”

The bill was finally approved after months of debate. The bill transfers decades of European law onto British statute books.

On June 21, the House of Lords of the UK Parliament approved the EU Withdrawal Bill. Following the vote, the Bill was set to receive the so-called Royal Assent to gain the status of a law. (ANI)