Breaking gender norms, Saudi Arabia woman works in a barbershop

Riyadh: A video clip of a Saudi woman cutting the hair of a child in a barbershop in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been widely circulated on Twitter.

Some professions are being considered for the men in Saudi Arabia, but for the first of its kind, a girl named Wafaa stormed into this profession, causing a wave of controversy among supporters and opponents of the idea on social media.

Wafaa Sakr, who appeared in a viral video in a barbershop in Taif governorate, said in a video that she cuts children’s hair but that she does not cut men’s hair.

“I want to say to every Saudi girl and young Saudi man, rely on yourself and work, regardless of the job, whether a high amount or a small amount, rely on yourself, earn a profession, gain experience,” Wafaa adds.

Wafaa loves children and works in a salon that specializes in their haircuts only, indicating that she did not do anything that would offend herself, her family, and her community.

“I am fond of this profession, and I learned it through YouTube for two years and learned different haircuts, including the French style.  She was interested in this field, then trained on the family’s children until the matter developed and mastered it, then I joined it, which is a profitable profession and I love it,”  Wafaa told the local media, Sabq.

She also revealed that her goal is to open her own salon that carries her name.

A Saudi woman defending Wafaa wrote, “This is her choice, and our opinion will not advance or delay human decisions. I am proud of her and God bless her. She and all our daughters are fighters in this life, and work is not a shame.”

A group of critics, who mistakenly believed that she cuts men’s hairs, among them were those who wrote: “This is an insult to women, and whoever insults herself, no one will cherish her.”

Another commented, “No, by God, her place is among her and the service of her husband and children.”

Criticism was not limited to men only, there were women’s criticisms as well, such as the one who wrote, “Who said she represents the Saudi girl?!” She represents only herself, because she is the one who chose this profession.”