Brand associations are like marriages: Ranveer

New Delhi: Actor Ranveer Singh, roped in as brand ambassador for eyewear brand Carrera, finds a similarity between brand associations and marriages.

“Brand associations are like marriages. You are the human form of the values the brand represents. So there is a huge amount of responsibility. Which is why I am very honest about brands I choose as I need to believe in the product,” Ranveer told IANS on e-mail from Mumbai.

The 31-year-old said it was an ambassador’s responsibility to be honest to the public.

“It’s your responsibility to the brand that has chosen you to work with sincerity and commitment. More than the money that you are paid, people have chosen you to represent them in the public and they trust you to be the right person for their brand,” he added.

Asked if he relates with the brand, Ranveer said: “There are a lot of essential core values of Carrera that I can relate to and connect with, these really resonate with me.

“In fact, when they first came to meet me and they were talking about the brand, I felt like they were talking about me.”