The Brain Tumor Charity denies link between mobile phone use and brain tumors.

Asia: A man named Robert Romero in Italy won 500 euros a month in compensation to the claim he made regarding his brain tumor was the cause of using mobile phone.
The Italian court, in Ivrea, agreed to the man’s claim of his brain tumor linking to his mobile phone use. There could be an appeal against the ruling, as the Brain Tumor charity denied his claim stating there is insufficient scientific evidence linking mobile phone use with brain tumors.
He claimed that over a period of 15 years he’s been using his business mobile phone for three or four hours a day, which led to the growth of the benign tumor in his brain.
Body formed to compensate people for work-based injuries is supposed to pay the compensation.
“We know that many people are concerned about a possible connection between mobile phone use and the development of brain tumors,” said Dr. David Jenkinson, chief scientific officer for the Brain Tumor Charity.
“However, the global research projects that have been conducted so far, involving hundreds of thousands of people, have found insufficient evidence that using a mobile phone increases the risk of developing a brain tumor”, said Dr. Jenkinson
He also said ‘The decision of the court did not change the evidence’, ‘Of course, it is right that researchers continue to explore whether any such link exists’.
Robert, whose profession was not reported, said he wanted to aware the people out mobile phone use but did not plan to get the devices “demonise”, as reported in BBC News.