Brahmin woman observes fast to spread love and peace

NEW DELHI: Delhi-based Brahmin woman observing the Ramadan fast in a bid to “promote communal harmony.”

Jayshree Shukla who experienced her first Ramadan in 2019 says it is her way to spread love, peace and boost brotherhood.

The heritage guide and photography told Anadolu Agency that multiple visits Delhi’s Jama Masjid, as an observer and photographer, led her to mingle with Muslims.

“At the mosque, nobody ever asked me which religion I belonged to. In the evenings, during iftar, people would offer me food they brought from home. This touched me as in those areas, I was the minority, still, I was treated with so much respect and love,” said the 52-year-old history graduate.

With the help of her family driver, Muhammad, Shukla observes fast despite pressure from her extended family.

“Nobody directly questioned me, but some were uncomfortable,” said Shukla adding, “I come from a Brahmin family, thus discomfort was expected.”

Because of the ongoing coronavirus, Shukla decided to observe the fast on the first and last day of the holy month of Ramadan.