Brahmin priests have a history of eating beef in India: Kancha Ilaiah

New Delhi: Dalit Rights Activist & Well-Known Scholar Kancha Ilaiah on the beef politics debate at Times Lit Fest, said that Hindus, including Brahmin priests, have historically eaten beef in India.

“Those who believe that the cow is sacred and should not be eaten should not call it Hinduism. They should call it the ‘cow religion’. Their view does not encompass all of Hinduism,” he said.
He states that worship of the cow and anti-beef campaign began in the 9th Century with Shankaracharya.

According to a report published in Times of India, Ilaiah said that Cow was considered sacred just because it gives milk, whereas the fact is 70% India lives more on milk from Buffaloes.

“Either the cow should be removed from article 48 of the Constitution or the buffalo should be added to it,” he says.

The buffalo is not treated well due to its black colour and this animal cruelty leads to human inequality.

The RSS adopted cow protection as one of its most major items on its agenda. But unfortunately, it is not requesting buffalo protection.