#BoycottSurfExcel: Fake TOI’s tweet viral after controversial Hindu-Muslim ad

New Delhi: An alleged tweet of Times of India reporting on the loss of Rs 10 crores incurred by Surf excel company as a result of hurt Hindu community boycotting the brand is doing the internet rounds and has also created much controversy has been found to be ‘Fake’, unauthentic, fabricated, reports ALT News.

The alleged Times of India tweet read as – “As a result of massive boycott by the hurt Hindu community because of a Hindu shaming derogatory ad by Surf Excel, the company has already faced loss amounting close to Rs 10 crores which is expected to rise further.”

The tweet went viral across all social media platforms while many have shared the tweet on Facebook, one among those is a Facebook page ‘The Right Direction.’

The ALT News has taken the initiative to check the authenticity of this alleged tweet alleged by TOI. The new source has also come across another similar claim that has gone viral on social media alleging Flipkart has removed Surf Excel from its e-commerce website.

PC: ALT News

An individual named Spreeha Roy Chowdhury has posted the claim on a Facebook group called ‘We Support Republic’.

The official twitter handle of TOI logo is aligned in a straight line while the fake tweet that was circulated on social media which also includes TOI’s fake logo is quite botched up on the right.

Not only did TOI, Flipkart’s alleged claims turned out to be fake, the HUL incurring a heavy loss with the backlash also turns out to fabricated with no official reports coming from the company.