Boycott Israel: Activists urge J’lo, Beyonce not to entertain ‘child killers’

As the reports of Pop star Jennifer Lopez’s and Beyonce unconfirmed plans to tour Israel next summer has already whipped up a social media backlash from pro-Palestinian supporters demanding her to stay away.

Using the hashtag #CancelTelAviv, activists urging the Divas to the Boycott Isreal.

According to the Al-Jazeera report, the activists bombarded the singers on Social media with graphic images of Israeli brutality on Gaza children.

However, Pro-Israeli supporters also used the hashtag imploring Lopez not to cancel her rumored show.

Al Jazeera contacted the management teams for both artists and is yet to receive a response.

“There have been several news stories indicating that Beyonce’s management is in final negotiations for a concert in Tel Aviv,” Evan Greer, the activist who launched the “Tell Beyonce not to play apartheid Israel!” petition, told Al Jazeera.

“The best thing for Beyonce’s management to do would be to publicly clarify that she will not be performing in Tel Aviv, and issue a statement of solidarity with the Palestinian people,” Greer added.