Boy urinates on lift’s control board and gets stuck inside

China: In China, a boy was stuck in lift due to short-circuit. This happened because the boy peed over the control buttons inside the lift.

According to the news reported in ibtimes, this incident got recorded in surveillance camera, and it was also posted on the Chinese microblogging website Weibo with the headline: “Stop being naughty!”

On February 23, the boy was seen entering the elevator alone and unzipping his pants and peeing all over the control board. The lift starts malfunctioning after the boy peed and the door was seen slamming and the buttons flashing before the lights turned off.

However, the boy’s father argues that his son cannot urinate that high.
The boy was stuck in lift and later rescued without any injuries.

More than 20,000 comments were made on the video, some users blamed the parents and said the repairmen cost should go from their pockets, others said that boy should have got stuck inside.