Boy survives after being run over by car, video goes viral

Mumbai: An eight-year-old boy miraculously survived after a car ran over him and moments later he got up and ran away unscathed.

The shocking incident took place on Monday evening in the society compound of a Sadguru Complex-I, in Goregaon east, north-west Mumbai, where several cars were parked around and the boy was playing football with his friends.

A CCTV grab of the incident, which went viral, shows a woman getting into a car and the boy – later identified as Rahesiya Amit Mathur – had paused to sit down and adjust his shoe laces.

Just then, she starts the car suddenly without any warning horn, drives over the boy, drags him for a couple of feet and after running over his full body, sped off.

The boy, momentarily dazed, quickly got up and then without a whimper, ran over to his friends and joined the game.

As the video went viral, stunned citizens and furious netizens demanded that the police trace the culprit and register a strong case in the matter.

The Dindoshi Police finally managed to trace the society complex, arrested the woman driver, Shraddha Manoj Chandrakar, 42, under various charges including negligent driving and released her on bail late Wednesday, said an official S. C. Dewoolkar.

Police said that the woman apparently failed to notice the boy as he was sitting in a blind spot just beside the car when she started, and as nobody screamed, she simply zoomed away.

The incident had spurred the police and many societies to review the status of vehicles parked in housing society compounds where children also play and initiate remedial measures.