Boy murdered over love-affair, accused held

Ahmedabad: A man has been arrested for allegedly killing a teenage boy over a love-affair with his minor daughter, which led to her becoming pregnant, police said today.

According to police, the murder had taken place in June this year, after the accused Mahavirsinh Kushwaha came to know about the relationship between the victim Chitranjan Kahar, who lived as his tenant, and his daughter.

Enraged over the news of his daughter’s pregnancy, the accused had killed the boy and buried his body on the premises of his house along with the aborted foetus, police said.

“Police exhumed the body as well as the buried foetus and arrested Kushwaha, a native of Bihar, who currently lived with his family in Vatva area on the city outskirts,” Vatva police inspector P B Rana said.

The deceased, who also hailed from Bihar, had come here a few years back to earn a living.

“Kahar, who worked at a local factory, used to live as a tenant in Kushwaha’s house. Few months back, Kushwaha came to know that one of his daughters had become pregnant as a result of her relationship with Kahar. Enraged over it, Kushwaha killed the boy on June 24 by hitting him with a steel rod on his head and buried his body on the premises of his house,” Rana added.

Kushwaha also forced his daughter to abort the child prematurely and buried the foetus in the same pit, which he dug with the help of labourers, the police officer said.

“After killing the boy, Kushwaha called his parents in Bihar and told them that their son had gone missing. After receiving the call, his parents came here and lodged a complaint with us on June 26. During the initial questioning, Kushwaha managed to conceal the facts from us,” said Rana.

During the five months of investigation, police became suspicious about Kushwaha and started quizzing him once again.

“After some tough questioning, Kushwaha broke down and confessed to his crime, after which a six-feet deep pit was dug on the premises of his house yesterday and Kahar’s body as well as the foetus were recovered,” said Rana.

A team of forensic experts has been called in to conduct the DNA test of the foetus to establish it’s link with Kahar, he said.

Further investigation into the case is on.