Boy hangs self for stealing Rs 100 from classmate

Mysuru: A 13-year-old boy committed suicide by hung himself from the ceiling for allegedly stealing Rs 100 from a classmate.

According to Deccan Chronicle, Pavan, seventh class student in Metagalli police limits, returned to home from school and killed himself at his house.

Pavan took keys from a neighbour and returned home and hanged himself to death.

Last week, Pavan had stolen Rs 100 from his friend’s bag and spent Rs 30 and when he accomplish his mistake he gave back the left over money to his friend

However, Pavan’s father got to know about the incident by the school officials and he scolded the boy which made him to commit suicide.

Police said that Pavan was wearing a school uniform when he committed suicide.

The boy’s father filed a complaint claiming his son was embarrassed by the authorities of school and told the media that he had given Rs 100 to Pavan who spent some money from that