Boy or Girl? Know how Kareena Kapoor takes care of her unborn baby

Mumbai: Kareena Kapoor, the yet to be mom says she is facing lots of disturbance now a days as she is asked a same question by people everywhere.

She said, ‘Wherever I go these days, there is just one question asked, which I think quite intrusive. Still, both Saif and I are asked, ‘Is it a boy or is it a girl? Have you found out?”

Kareena Kapoor says that she has same reply for such questions ”And I am like, excuse me, what difference does it make? I am a girl child; I would love to have a girl, what is the difference?”

”I have done more for my parents than a son would. We are still in a nation where we are asked, ‘Oh you are getting married and still going to work?’, ‘Oh you are having a child you’re still going to work?’ These questions upset me,’ the stunning actress said.

Kareena Kapoor has been breaking stereotypes by walking the ramp with her baby bump at the LFW 2016 and by signing for Veere Di Wedding while pregnant.

Talking about taking a break from movies, she told PTI, ‘As we are actors, we are badgered with questions. Even if I was not an actor and may be a chef or anything else I would still go ahead with my life in this phase (referring to pregnancy). I love acting so why should I stop working.’

Talking about Veere Di Wedding, she said, ”We are yet to decide about when are we going to shoot. It might be in couple of days in October then I will pick up the film post-delivery.”

”I am definitely doing the film but we are going to work out when to shoot. If I enjoy the film I will do it and if I don’t like anything I will be blunt and tell about it. When offers come to me, I tell them (makers) openly (on doing it or not),’ Kareena said.

Talking about this phase, Kareena told Bollywood Life, ‘There are physical changes that your body goes through. I am being normal, being the way I was earlier.”

The beautiful actress further added, ”I think being around happy and positive people is important. There are no midnight cravings so far.”