Boxer Amir Khan still hasn’t been reunited with his wife?

Dubai: The Boxer Amir Khan, has jetted to Dubai – and was seen partying with the air cabin crew in the first class cabin as he traveled, posting the encounter on social media. Before that He announced he was back with his no longer close wife just days before jetting to the Australian jungle to take part on “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here”.

But Amir Khan reportedly still hasn’t been come together with his wife Faryal Makhdoom who is pregnant with his second child or their three-year-old daughter Lamaisah.

Amir uploaded his photos with a gropu of cabin crew, all enjoying around with him. He also nipped behind the on-board bar for a snap along with the caption ‘Nice to see the emirates girls.’

As His wife Faryal and Child Lamaisah stayed at home in the UK while Amir took part on the ITV reality series, with his father Shah jetting over to support him instead, welcoming him when he crossed the famous jungle bridge back to normality.

In Birmingham, Amir has been booked to appear at Argeela Shisha Lounge this weekend, for a joint birthday and homecoming party. However, Faryal is set to join him at the party. Earlier this week, he listed his wife as the ‘special guest’ at his homecoming event.

Some fans were left a tad confused by Faryal, who is four months pregnant with their second child, being the special guest at the bash. Amir wrote as ‘So her pregnant self gonna go to a sheesha lounge?’ while another added: ‘What’s that mean lol she has to smoke?’

Amir, who suffered a series of very public spats with Faryal before entering the jungle, proved they had fully built bridges with the gesture.

Amir Khan shared a photo of the party’s promotional poster on Instagram and wrote alongside it: ‘Was getting millions of messages so decided killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Amir said after his jungle exit that he couldn’t wait to reunite with Faryal and their two-year-old daughter Lamaisah.

Amir revealed: ‘Family-wise being in the jungle has made me realise how important they are to me. In a weird way being away from them has made me feel closer to them. ‘I definitely have more appreciation for my little girl and my wife Faryal, because I wasn’t around them. I was so far away. I missed them like crazy. ‘I don’t think we’ll break up again now, we both know how much we need each other. It was a bit of a wake-up call for us both and it will only make us stronger,’ it was concluded.

Faryal was conflicted in a bitter fight with the Amir’s family, peaking in his family branding her ‘evil’ and the sports star announcing his intentions to divorce her. However, Amir has now proven that he is smitten with his wife and intends on staying with her for life.

The American-Pakistani model also reassured fans that the couple were over thekir differences. ‘We all do stupid things in life. I think people read things and you don’t mean it like that,’ she said on social media. ‘He’s a good, good guy and I’m glad he’s on TV so people can see the real side of him. Sometimes people judge you without knowing you,’ Wife added.