Bosch to suspend production at Jaipur plant for 8 days

New Delhi :Global auto parts major Bosch plans to suspend all production activity at its Jaipur plant for eight days from December 26 in order to adjust to the market demand.

“With a view to adjust production to meet the demand for products and to avoid unnecessary buildup of inventory, it is proposed to suspend all manufacturing operations at the company’s Jaipur plant from December 26, 2015 to January 2, 2016,” Bosch Ltd said in a regulatory filing.

There is no financial impact on account of the proposed suspension of operations, it added.
Bosch manufactures various auto components, including fuel injector pumps and distributor pumps (VE pumps) at the Jaipur plant.

In April, the company had declared a lockout due to a worker unrest at the Jaipur plant.The plant, which has a history of labour issues, was also shut for a day in March on account of a day-long strike by the labour union over wage settlement.

Last year, workers at the company’s Bengaluru plant had struck work for over three months over wage settlement.

Later on, Bosch group Chairman of the Board of Management Volkmar Denner had stated that repeated incidents of labour unrests could hurt investments in India.

Bosch shares ended at Rs 18,233.85 on BSE, up 0.08 per cent from the previous close.