Born with golden spoon, Cong. leaders don’t understand poverty: PM Modi

Patan (Gujarat): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday took a jibe at Congress leaders and said “they are born with a golden spoon and will never understand what poverty is..”.

Addressing a rally in Gujarat’s Patan, Prime Minister Modi said, “When we went to the farmers, did Krishi Mahotsav, we did not go out helping the rich. We went among the poor.”

“Sadly, Congress leaders are born with a golden spoon they will never understand what poverty is,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi also stated that he had met the state farmers and advised them to educate their children.

“During peak summer, I would go to the villages of Gujarat and ask parents to educate their children. Whose children were they? Were they Ambani’s children? No. They were children of the poor. We are working for poor,” he said.

Further lashing out at the Congress party, Prime Minister Modi said formers basic knowledge about agriculture is very poor.

“Our farmers work hard and grow potato. If at all the Congress comes to power, there will be no need to do that because their leader says we will produce potatoes in factories. Congress’ basic knowledge about agriculture is so poor,” he added.

The crucial elections are being seen as prestige battle for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which has been ruling the state for last 22 years, and litmus test for the Congress.

The first phase of polling was held on December 9 and recorded a voter turnout of 68 per cent.

The second-phase voting will be held on December 14. The votes will be counted on December 18. (ANI)