I am bored of playing simpleton: Prachi Desai

In her eight-year-old career, Prachi Desai mostly played simpleton characters on screen and the actress says she wants to have an image makeover so that people can see the real side of her.

“I am actually quite bored of playing simpleton roles. I want to do different stuff so that I can be creatively satisfied. I think my audience has also got bored along with me because I am giving them similar thing again and again and not giving anything interesting to watch,” Prachi told PTI.

The 27-year-old “Rock On!!” star is making a comeback to films after a gap of three years with Emraan Hashmi-starrer upcoming biopic “Azhar”.

“I would put the blame on lack of opportunities because the kind of roles I was getting were nothing different of what I have done in the past.

“Secondly, the films which I really wanted to do, things did not work out. So, that’s how I wasted a lot of time. I think I should do more work now. People should offer me more films so that I can make up for the loss time.”

In “Azhar”, Prachi is playing the first wife of former cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin. For getting into the skin of the character, she even met Naureen.

“Naureen has been a mystery to all of us. The audience will also discover her first time ever with his film. She is so private and guarded all her life that nobody knows anything of her. She was married to one of the successful Indian cricketers but she never came into the limelight.”

It was a challenge for Prachi to portray her because there was less information about the woman, who played an integral role in Azharuddin’s life.

“Giving her a face was difficult for me. The characteristaion part, which is the first stage of every film, that itself was the toughest job because how would you form an image about someone that you know nothing about? I was relying on our director (Tony D’Souza) for my role. The information, which we had, was very limited.”

But Azharuddin helped her in knowing his ex-wife well and also arranged a meeting with Naureen.

“All the information about Naureen was given by Azharuddin and their son Abbas. Initially, I had no first hand interaction with his family. It was only Tony but later on when we got into the whole process then there were lot of people involved in and through them I got to know her.